Kitchens Unlimited partners with several cabinetry lines that we have hand selected from custom manufacturers that are suited to our clients’ budgets and tastes. From hand crafted, American made workmanship to sleek European designs from the oldest cabinet company in the world, we offer a broad range of styles, materials and finishes that allow you to achieve the exact look that you desire in your new kitchen or bath.


How you cook, who cooks, how much you cook and when you cook are all questions that will be asked by our consultants and designers. Even if you don’t cook, we want to make sure that the appliances are right for you!

Appliance selection is one of the most important aspects of creating a great design that functions well for you. It is one of the first decisions that should be made in the process. Not only are our designers versed in the details of the cabinetry design, Kitchens Unlimited recommends and sells appliances that we feel compliment the kitchens that we work in, and we can give you the inside scoop on the performance features that will suit you best. We have carefully chosen to represent the manufacturers that we feel offer the best service and reliability. Kitchens Unlimited is one of the few design firms who can offer the service of selecting your appliances in conjunction with your cabinetry and installing them together as a complete package; or, if you just need a dishwasher replacement or a new cook top, we can help with that as well.

The Galley


The surfaces that you work on and use every day in your kitchen and bath need to be functional, durable and long lasting, however they can create a mood or statement in a space and need to work and coordinate with the rest of the components being used. We will assist you in selecting the perfect work surface from our artisans and craftspeople both locally and nationally.


Cabinetry and appliances are both major parts of what we do but there are many other components that are needed to provide the completed project. Hardware, tile, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures and fittings are just a sampling of the selections that are made in a kitchen and bath project.

We have these resources and can assist in selections for your project, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.