What We Do

Since 1969, Kitchens Unlimited has been in the same location at 3550 Summer Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, providing the Mid- South area with expert design services and installation for kitchens and baths. We are a licensed general contractor in the state of Tennessee specializing in “under roof” remodels as well as being a partner with architects, designers and other contractors and builders to be part of their building team for new home construction.


Your name is Kitchens Unlimited. Do you only do kitchen work or can you do a bathroom?

Yes, Our name can be deceiving. We now emphasize the “Unlimited” part. We can work on almost any area of your home that involves cabinetry and appliances. Bars, entertainment rooms, wine cellars, butler’s pantries, closets, outdoor kitchens, laundry rooms and sewing rooms have all been recent projects.

We already have a contractor who we are working with on a major home remodel. Can Kitchens Unlimited just help us with the cabinetry and countertops?

Yes. We can partner with your contractor and just furnish the design, materials and installation of cabinetry and countertops as your contractor or builder’s sub-contractor. We will provide your contractor with the plans and details to enable he, or she, to get the room ready for installation.

We don’t have a contractor. Can you furnish the entire project including construction? Electrical, plumbing, flooring, tile, and lighting?

Yes. We are a licensed general contractor and have a fabulous group of craftsmen and technical sub- contractors that we will coordinate with to provide a “turnkey” project. We only address spaces however, that are “under roof”. If you are interested in adding on a room to your existing home, then we suggest you hire an architect and general contractor that specializes in remodeling. We can still work with them to provide the kitchen or bath interior design and products that will be used and also the installation of those products.

I see that you sell appliances. If we want you to design our kitchen and furnish the cabinetry, do we have to purchase our appliances from Kitchens Unlimited?

No. We can design and build your kitchen with appliances different from what we sell. However, integrating appliances into the design that we create is a crucial part of the process. We have chosen to represent the appliance lines that we feel offer our clients the best performance and service, and appliances that our designers have been well trained in. When we are responsible for the cabinetry and appliance selection and design and installation of these, we can assure you that sizing and panels are correct, mechanical and electrical locations are exact, and the fit and finish of the overall job is superior. 

I already have a cabinet maker. Will you design my kitchen for me and sell me the plans, so I can have him build the cabinets for me?

No. Kitchens Unlimited designs around the products that we sell.  Each cabinetry line has its own unique pieces and design details.  A kitchen and bath design on paper is only the beginning of the process. There are many more details that are integrated into our work, and our designers want to see the process through so that the finished product represents your vision and collaboration with them. Our designs and cabinetry are integrated.

I have been staring at my ugly bathroom for 10 years and I have no idea what to do. Can a designer from Kitchens Unlimited come out and give me some ideas?

Yes, but we really love for you to visit our showroom first to see what we are all about. We feel by giving you a tour of our studio and visiting with us, we can learn about your project and you can peruse our many designs both in the showroom and in our portfolios to get a feel for our products and our work. It is helpful to set up an appointment with one of our designers so that he or she may be able to allocate time specifically for you. We can share with you examples of projects we have done in your neighborhood or ones similar in scope and assist with establishing a budget. Bringing in measurements and pictures of the space allows the designers to get a feel for the project size and scope. 


If you would like us to visit you in your home initially, we implement a $750 jobsite consultation fee that allows us to come to you to observe your space in person. We will provide the measuring and take the photos and if you choose to work with Kitchens Unlimited, the consultation fee can be applied to your design retainer for the project.

How do I know what my budget is? I have never done a kitchen before.

Kitchens Unlimited’s designers have many years of experience, and kitchens and baths are our specialty.

We have worked on all shapes and sizes of projects from Harbor Town in Downtown, Memphis, to Eads, TN and many other locales. We understand the variables that can affect the cost of a kitchen or bath project, and we will sit down with you to help you figure out what a kitchen or bath really costs. Representing companies that offer products in many price ranges, we can use our knowledge to provide you the best design possible to meet your budget requirements. We work hard on the front end by “value engineering” the job so that you are investing in the things that are most important to you and adding to your quality of life and value to your home.

We have an interior designer that we have worked with for years. She knows our home and our style. Can we meet together to discuss our project?

Yes. The designers at Kitchens Unlimited are all classically trained in interior design with special emphasis on kitchen, bath and space planning. If you don’t have an interior designer to help you select colors, styles and finish materials, we can assist. However, we welcome becoming part of your team. Whether it is working with an architect, builder or designer of your choice, we feel some of our best designs and projects have stemmed from collaboration with other tradespeople.            

My husband and I love the ideas and sketches that you have shown us, feel comfortable with the budget that you have proposed and have decided that we want to take the next step to have Kitchens Unlimited do our project. What do we do?

To dedicate the amount of time needed to a project, work on detailed plans and pricing, and proceed towards the ordering process, a mutual agreement in the form of a monetary retainer is requested by the designer. This allows the designer to spend time being creative and to work on the “behind the scenes” details that are needed to make it all happen. When you make the commitment to us we commit to you

Once we have made all our decisions and are ready to order, how long does the process take and how long will be out of our kitchen?

Generally speaking, most of our complete kitchen renovations take about 8-12 weeks but of course much depends on the size and scope of the job. Bathrooms average around 8 weeks. Since our cabinetry is custom, the quickest we can have it built is 5-6 weeks, and most of our products take about 8-10 weeks to arrive from time of order. The important thing is that we don’t start the removal of your existing kitchen or bath until we have the actual ship week confirmed, and we schedule our sub-contractors around this date so this keeps the job moving smoothly without a lot of downtime. Our goal is to get you back in your space as quickly as possible while providing quality workmanship done in a timely fashion.

Kitchens Unlimited seems like the right fit for my project. What is the best way to contact you to set an appointment?

You may contact our studio by emailing info@kitchensunlimted.net or by calling (901) 458-2638 to discuss your project with a designer and set an initial appointment.